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And if the youth were right?

Photomontage: Julien Chung | La Presse
Photomontage: Julien Chung | La Presse

Source: La Presse | Marie-Ève Founier et William Thériault

In less than two minutes, a brilliant scene from the comedy L’œil du cyclone, on Radio-Canada, was able to illustrate the singular attitude of the youngest in the labor market and all the prejudices it arouses.

A new employee still in school, barely hired, arrives at work after 11 a.m., her eyes glued to her phone, as if nothing had happened. Her boss looks askance at her. No, but what nerve, half the day is practically over!

And now the rookie opens her laptop. “I made you a website yesterday. I removed the photos that were on your Facebook page, I changed your logo and I improved your Instagram account. I went to get you 673 followers. The phone should ring a lot more. »

The original text is in French. You may Google translate it directly from the following link.


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