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Being a woman hurts when hired

Photo: Getty Images pour La Presse
Photo: Getty Images for La Presse

Source: La Presse | Marie-Ève Fournier

A formula is used to calculate the pay gap between men and women while excluding the impact of maternity, sector of activity and field of study. In other words, we can determine the influence of sex, and only sex, on wages.

The equation was developed by Emna Braham, deputy director of the Institut du Québec, and her colleague Annie Pan, of the FutureSkills Research Lab at the University of Toronto.

For a year, they dissected a new Statistics Canada database containing information on 30,000 Quebec graduates in 2013, including the evolution of their salary over 5 years. The result of this unprecedented approach is as fascinating as it is worrying.

The original text is in French. You may Google translate it directly from the following link.


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