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Labor Shortage: Hiring Without Direct Experience?

Photo: Adobe Stock pour TVA Nouvelles
Photo: Adobe Stock for TVA Nouvelles

Souce: TVA Nouvelles | Agence QMI

The labor shortage affecting many sectors of the Quebec labor market is forcing employers to review their recruitment methods and making them more and more open to hiring candidates who do not have direct experience in the target area.

More than four out of five Quebec employers would be inclined to this idea, seeing an added value in recruiting a person according to their attitude rather than relying solely on their experience related to the position, according to a recent survey by Indeed.

Basic skills that are transferable are thus perceived as an asset in the current labor market in order to fill vacancies quickly.

A large majority (86%) of respondents said they were ready to invest in training new, inexperienced employees.

Nearly 27% of respondents also indicated that they expect it will become increasingly difficult to find candidates with specialized skills in the coming years.

The lack of personnel is such in the province that more than 65% of Quebec employers look internationally to find candidates. Nearly 71% of them are also looking to automation to reduce the roles needed to run their business.

The skills that would be hardest to find are IT (29%), project management (29%), engineering (25%), software development (25%) and programming (18%) , according to the employers surveyed.


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