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External sales engineer

The job in a flash :

• Hold a bachelor's degree in mechanical building engineering.
• Be a member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec
• Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of HVAC equipment.

Professional skills

• Ability to solve problems.
• Ability to evaluate and analyze the required equipment as well as its installation.
• Have excellent product knowledge.
• Being able to meet customer needs and expectations.
• Possess computer knowledge and skills.
• Possess knowledge in product development.
• Possess interpersonal and presentation skills.
• Have an ease in communicating at all levels of a company.
• To be able to communicate in French and in English, spoken and written.
• Sense of innovation.

Personal qualities

• Establish and maintain good business relationships by communicating with consulting engineering companies. Ensure that our equipment is specified in their plans and specifications, explain the advantages of our products and lead face-to-face seminars and on web platforms on a regular basis.
• Responsible for the team effort by offering technical assistance to our sales staff.
• Respond to specific requests from specialized contractors by assessing their needs and adapting engineering techniques to the equipment and their installations.
• Provide technical advice on products and services, as well as relevant engineering information by responding to customer inquiries and questions.
• On request, participate in the design of commercial and industrial heating systems including our complete product lines.
• Maintain long-term business relationships by establishing privileged contacts with existing and potential clients.
• Prepare cost estimates using client documents, including consultation with engineers, architects and all other professionals involved in the projects.
• Obtain customer approval and gain their trust by explaining and and demonstrating the added value of our services in the design, operations and effectiveness of our products.
• Keep professional and technical knowledge up to date by attending information seminars, consulting publications, creating a network of personal contacts and participating in meeting groups in appropriate fields of expertise.

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